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Toddler T Shirts

Granddaughters 3 Kids
 Girl SS T Shirt  GSS Jelly Fish

Custom designed toddler T-Shirts add fun to all occasions! View our girl's and boy's T-Shirts here and more on the graphics page.

Appliques and embroideries for small children can be viewed in a collection of albums at this website: www.picturetrail.com/customdesigns as well as instagram southernthreadsbyterry.

These albums hold pictures of hundreds of examples of designs.  These examples can be sewn with endless fabric choices. With your direction of a color scheme, a sample of fabric choices can be pictured and emailed to you. Choose your favorite fabrics to complete your unique design.

E-mail your T-Shirt request to: info@southernthreads.net.

We will create your design and email it to you for final approval.  Availability of T-Shirts for boys and girls may vary but but can always be quickly ordered.


Email info@southernthreads.net to complete your design for your special T-Shirt!